Digital photo printer choices

by Florie Lyn Masarate

Digital photo printers come in variety shapes and sizes nowadays. But whatever they may look like, they still do one thing; they transform colored digital pictures into high-quality photo prints while you sit back and wait. Thanks to the inventors of digital camera, most printers are now affordable and easy to use. Many of them do not even have to be connected to a computer to print.

Before you indulge yourself into buying your own digital printer, there are questions that needed answering first to ensure that what printer you will be shopping for is the one right for you.

Will the digital printer work with your camera?

Buy a digital printer with a media slot that has the same kind of memory card your camera uses. Or a printer that connects directly, using a cable of course, to your camera. A USB-capable printer that connects to your computer is a nice option. The process is fairly simple. You just have to drop the photos into the hard drive, edit and print them from there.

What printing technology suit you best?

There are basically two kinds of technology that is inherent in photo printers. Dye sublimation and inkjet. Both kinds can produce brilliant images.

Some people believe that dye sublimation excels at continuous tone printing. While others prefer the crisp colors, inexpensive supplies and print flexibility of inkjet and bubble jet printers. Whichever kind you choose, remember that optimizing a printer for photo printing will do a much better job than general use printer.

How much resolution do you need?

Take note that the higher the resolution, the crisper the print result will be. For example, a 400 dpi resolution is finer than a 300 dpi resolution.

Take note also that resolution cannot be compared between dye sublimation and inkjet printers. The numbers of dpi required to make the same quality photo print may vary depending on the different aspects of the printers.

Does the printer have editing capabilities?

Some printers let you edit digital photos. This editing capability can range from a few limited text messages and crop sizes to a touch screen LCD that allows multiple picture editing before printing.

The type you will use would depend if whether you want to do some editing, in the first place. And if you do want, choose if you rather do sophisticated editing on a computer or quick adjustments from a printer. You choose. Your digital printer will do it for you.