Computer Articles

What are the Main Components of Any Computer

By George Chamoun

Computers are everywhere, and vary in specification, brands, sizes, shaped, and prices. However, there is one common characteristic among all computer systems. more >>

Things to look for when buying a computer microphone

by Mantius Cazaubon

Computer microphones are a valuable addition to any PC and they greatly increase interactivity and communication levels. You can use a microphone for performing various tasks, both business and fun related. more >>

Buying DDR Memory for Your Computer

By Peter Stewart

Many aspects of the personal computer have increased in leaps and bounds in terms of performance and what they are capable of doing. more >>

Comparing Digital Camera Features

by Steve Gargin

More people are able to afford digital cameras because their prices are falling but the number of characteristics is rising so it is important to be able to compare digital camera features. more >>

Digital photo printer choices

by Florie Lyn Masarate

Digital photo printers come in variety shapes and sizes nowadays. But whatever they may look like, they still do one thing; they transform colored digital pictures into high-quality photo prints while you sit back and wait. more >>

Gaming Computers - Should You Build It or Buy It?

by Nicholas Spriggs

Gaming computers come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. The gaming industry is growing every year and has become big business, so the need for gaming computers has grown along with it. As computer games become increasingly detailed and graphics oriented, the demand for faster and more powerful hardware has become more of a necessity than an option. more >>


by Tamara Williams

Computer market is getting bigger and bigger everyday, as there are plenty of choices to make when considering buying a new computer. more >>

Get all the information you need to

compare motherboard brands

by J Herrera

So, you want to buy a motherboard but don't know which one to choose? Come with us, we allow you to compare motherboard brands to make your decision easily. We can give you all the information you need to compare motherboard brands and help you choose the best one, we will be glad to help you decide. more >>

3 Simple Ways To Save A Bunch Of Money When Buying A New Computer!

by Kris Bickell

Looking to buy a new computer? more >>

Choosing the Right Video Card

by Keith Park

This article covers criteria involved in selecting and buying the graphics card that is right for you. It is meant to be used as a reference to help beginners select and buy a new graphics card. more >>

Wireless Devices, What to Look For: Range, Speed and Standards

by Michael Knowles

Not sure what you're doing in your wireless card shopping? Want to make sure you're buying the right thing but have no clue what it is you're looking for? Well, you've come to the right place. When you're looking to buy a wireless network card, I can tell you right now that you're looking at three key issues: range, speed, and standards. more >>