Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets

Miracle Fruit Tablets These Miracle Fruit Tablets have been made famous thanks to Graham Norton! There comes a time when a really bizarre thing comes into our lives that you don't need but you've GOT to have. Like Space Hoppers or toothbrushes that play music. The Miracle Fruit is a magic berry that changes anything savoury or sour into a sweet taste! If you are always craving sugary foods and want to combat that sweet tooth then Miracle Berries are the perfect remedy. Simply dissolve a tablet on your tongue making sure it comes into contact with as many of your taste buds as possible. Now grab a crazy and random selection of foodstuffs and get taste testing! Our Miracle Fruit Tablets have no added weirdness and are 100% natural! Why not try vinegar, lemon, Guinness or even Marmite and give your taste buds a new taste sensation! http://www. Do you have a question about this product? Email us now Miracle Fruit Tablets The Miracle Fruit Tablets come in a pack of 10 http://www.find-me-a-gift. Miracle Berries have the ability to make sour tasting food and drink taste sweet Just dissolve 1 tablet on your tongue, making sure it makes contact with as many taste buds as possible The Miracle Fruit Tablets are 100% natural If you are looking for a totally unique gift or maybe you know someone who loves experimenting with food, these Miracle Fruit berries sure are a different gift! With such extraordinary properties, this magic fruit will even make your lovers kisses taste sweet.which isn't a bad thing after a Marmite sandwich.

What's in the Miracle Fruit Tablets box? 10 x Miracle Fruit Tablets Quote from the wall street journal "For about an hour after you eat [miracle fruit], everything sour tastes sweet. Within minutes of consuming the berries, guests were devouring lime wedges as if they were candy. Straight lemon juice went down like lemonade, and goat cheese tasted as if it was "covered in powdered sugar," said one astonished partygoer. A rich stout beer seemed "like a milkshake," said another. Break out the Sweet Tarts or super sour candy For any additional information on our Miracle Fruit Berries or any of our amazing gifts please email info(at) or call 01926 640710 Regards Jessie Jones Gadget specialist - find-me-a-gift.

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