WAP Development

WAP is a fairly new initiative that was developed by the WAP forum, a conglomerate of service providers, device manufacturers, content providers and application developers. Unwired Planet, Motorola, Nokia and Ericsson were amongst the first network operators to offer WAP technology and services to their users. WAP, also known as Wireless Application Protocol is the open standard for enabling web content to handheld wireless devices such as mobile phones, smart phones and communicators etc. WAP development has provided a new platform for sharing and exchange of information through mobile phones. It allows cell phone users to obtain instant access to information and transactional services. WAP-enabled phones are becoming very popular in the market.

Users of WAP-enabled phones can get instant Internet access; send and receive emails, obtain stock market quotes, weather information, banking information, flight timings, and current news and even conduct Internet searches and online shopping. What's more is that all such wealth of information is easily available even while you are on the move and can be accessed from wherever you are: an advantage that a computer that never emulate. The main purpose behind WAP development was to allow users to execute small, specific tasks quickly and a WAP-enabled phone completely serves that end.

For the network operator when you are accessing a WAP site, you are actually making a call and therefore you cannot make or receive voice calls at the same time. Your network operator charges you for the amount of time that you are connected. Apart from providing unlimited freedom to the end user, WAP development has opened up a host of opportunities for carriers to generate on-going revenue.

It assures developers of a broad, expanding market for content and applications. Its increasing popularity will generate demand for new devices to accommodate WAP capabilities, new infrastructure and require more gateways to handle information flow. The scope of WAP development is to define a set of specifications to be used by service applications.

The pace at which the wireless industry is growing today and reaching new customers and services is tremendous. This offers immense scope and opportunity for WAP in the markets today and the times to come. Amongst the various providers of WAP solutions, the name of Binary Parcels is at the forefront in developing compelling mobile solutions for businesses. For further information about mobile application development, SMS/MMS solutions, Symbian development and much more, visit

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WAP Development - WAP, also known as Wireless Application Protocol is the open standard for enabling web content to handheld wireless devices such as mobile phones, smart phones and communicators etc.