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How to Make Your Mobile Sites Interactive? Interactive Mobile websites are similar to the websites on the Internet and all you need to access these sites is a WAP enabled handset. Few years ago, ability to Internet surfing by the use of cell phones without paying a single penny for the services was a dream. At present moment, the majority of cellular services have revolved out high-speed networks by which the dream has turn into a reality. The mobile websites are more user-friendly in terms of their size as well as usability as compare to their computer counterparts for the similar device. The mobile websites are readily available for several users without the need of special subscription or any software downloaded for that.

A mobile site is very much identical to a website on the PC. The size of a mobile site has been reduced so as to get properly fit into the screen of a mobile phone. The mobile sites are viewed from every corner of the world provided they use WAP enabled cellular phones for this purpose. The features present in websites are similarly available in mobile sites.

A viewer or user can perform several activities such as post pictures, write entries or can engage in several other interactive activities like polls and surveys. To have the accessibility of mobile websites, check whether the mobile phones have the capability of WAP or not. You can do this by reading the phone manual or visiting the website of the manufacturer. If the mobile phone has WAP capability but does not view mobile sites, alter the WAP settings based on the model of your phone and with the help of your mobile operator. WAP is actually a mode of delivering and transferring wireless information to cellular phones.

The purpose of WAP ability is to provide easy access of Internet just by the use of your mobile phones. You can make your mobile sites interactive by using mobile interactive tools. And can perform several functions like manage contacts with the friends and can upload and share files with them. These mobile interactive tools help you to form mobile pages so that you can select the interactivity options to go with it. These interactive tools are: Manage pages - You can write your own experience or can promote the product and services of your company. Another thing you can do is to modify the background of the mobile page with an appropriate theme.

Polls - Create polls and encourage other people to vote on. State the poll's subject and determine which alternative to select for this purpose. Forms - You can create forms; solicit applications and reservations to get detail information on contacts and about your friends. Guestbook - Encourage viewers to put down a message or contact information on the guestbook page. You can also upload and share your files with your friends. As per privacy terms, the assessment of shared files can be put to a restriction and can only be viewed by limited friends.

The best thing is that the user can only view as well download files placed in your own briefcase. Hence, the private and extremely confidential files can be uploaded or downloaded by you into your mobile phones. This way you can make a mobile website much interactive and you can even accept or decline the request of other users for the same.

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