Student Information System

NextK12 is a fully Web-based, database-driven information system for recording, storing, sharing and communicating about student records and school data. It is capable of seamlessly linking all the schools within a district. NextK12 is for district administrators! ? Analyze consolidated student data from all schools. ? Pinpoint problems and highlight successes. ? Plan for facilities and make budget projections. NextK12 is for principals! ? Communicate with parents using instantly accessible electronic information.

? Track school-wide discipline. ? Track course data and student and teacher demographic information for use in state reports. ? Export data to create customized reports that meet your unique requirements.

? Produce professional, high-quality reports customized with your school logo. ? Print, save and post reports for viewing by your staff. NextK12 is for office staff! ? Register students.

? Track student immunization data. ? Record and track student discipline incidents. ? Verify student absences.

NextK12 is for teachers! ? Collect attendance, progress and grades data online through the NextK12 in-class Attendance and Grade Book modules. ? Record class attendance. Seating charts feature optional student photographs. ? Update class rosters instantly with the latest scheduling changes. ? Work quickly and securely at home, at school and away.

NextK12 is for parents! ? Get an instant overview of your children's current progress. ? See a list of your children's assignments and due dates. ? View your children's test and homework scores and details. ? Communicate with your children's teachers and other school personnel.

? Receive automated announcements about parent-teacher meetings and school events NextK12 is for students! ? Look up assignments and due dates. ? Get instant feedback on your performance. ? Get your questions answered using the internal mail option. ? See your grades for the whole semester. ? Check the date of a school event.

Computer Tech Support

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